Design + Research + Media Art

Currently a Founding Designer at TAP.
Previously at Microsoft ResearchSonos.

I think systematically to scale impact.

Microsoft Research

Designing AI to revoluntionize R&D process for scientists.


Designed the Sonos content ecosystem and features for listeners.

A 6-month UX design internship of intranet redesign at Sony China.


A data-driven service helping pregnant women manage nausea.

I design beyond screens.


An IoT device that tunes into the sound of data’s travel for faculty-led design research.


An immersive VR game experience that opens up the conversation in science education.

Explore Current

An exhibition playground that teaches kids about circuits.

I care about inclusivity.

VoiceOver Design 

Accessibility redesign for Sonos VoiceOver users on Now Playing Experience.

Infinite Transit

A public transit app providing location-based guidance and help to the autistic community.

A browser-based tutorial website to facilitate low-vision people make tactile graphics.