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Coming from a media art background, I used digital media as a tool for creative expression.

I was passionate about generative dance and visual performances. Meanwhile, I experimented with transforming traditional design with digital tools.

Media Art


An original interactive media theatre performance commissioned by China Shanghai International Festival's Rising Artists Works (RAW) program.

2 Chairs 2 Share

A live performance that combines visual performance, contemporary dance and music performance.

Order | Chaos | Dystopia

An audiovisual performance.

Immersive Projects


An experimental VR experience combining binaural audio and live haptics to blur the line of virtual world and reality.


A live performance with motion tracking and real-time visual rendering.


I modeled and animated my face with Maya, Mudbox, and AfterEffects.

Creative Dev

PSA Identity Design

A dynamic identity system for the Power Station of Art (PSA) generated by code.

Data Symphony

A data visualization & audiolization of personal commute data from Google Timeline with Mapbox API and P5.js.

NIKE mobile Campaign

As a creative technologist intern at AKQA, I created mobile-based responsive campaign page for NIKE Shanghai International Marathon.