I love media art

Coming from a media art background, I used digital media as a tool for creative expression. I was passionate about generative dance and visual performances. Meanwhile, I experimented with transforming traditional design with digital tools.

Media Art


An original interactive media theatre performance commissioned by China Shanghai International Festival's Rising Artists Works (RAW) program.

motion capture, 3D modeling, generative theatre performance

Order | Chaos | Dystopia

An audiovisual performance.

audiovisual performance, creative directio, Max MSP

2 Chairs 2 Share

A live performance that combines visual performance, contemporary dance and music performance.

audiovisual performance,contemporary dance, creative direction

Immersive Projects


An immersive VR game experience that opens up the conversation in science education.

VR production, science education, game development


I modeled and animated my face with Maya, Mudbox, and AfterEffects.

3D face modeling, motion design


A live performance with motion tracking and real-time visual rendering.

motion capture, immersive theatre performance

Creative Dev

PSA Identity Design

A dynamic identity system for the Power Station of Art (PSA) generated by code.

programming design system, branding, creative coding

NIKE mobile Campaign

As a creative technologist intern at AKQA, I created mobile-based responsive campaign page for NIKE Shanghai International Marathon.

creative technology, motion graphics,branding campaign

Data Symphony

A data visualization & audiolization of personal commute data from Google Timeline with Mapbox API and P5.js.

self tracking, API, data visualization, data sonification