I am a product designer at Sonos based in Seattle. I like to start my design with some human stories and finish it with a drizzle of creative and critical touch.

I recently graduated at the University of Washington with a degree in Master’s of Human-Computer Interaction + Design, and I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree at New York University Shanghai in Interactive Media Arts. Therefore, I have developed a diverse skillset and philosophy to make meaningful designs in academics and industry. I cultivate empathy through user research, bring out ideas through iterations of ideation and prototyping, and scale products through systems thinking.

Recently, I have been writing about the theory and practice of designing with data. Check out my previous works in media art, as well as my featured dance performances.

I own too many disposable cameras

My recent obsession is taking many photos on my disposable camera. I love capturing moments in life with my adorable toy, and sometimes the photo can turn out to be pretty ... fun.

I captured this photo when I was wandering around in Oslo, Norway. I remember using the bathroom of this very charming building. Months later while reading Discursive Design, I realized this building is the famous Design og arkitektur Norge -  where participatory design was born!

Nobody can tell I dance, but I do

I started ballet training when I was 5. In hindsight, I regret making 100 excuses to quit when I was a teenager. Maybe that is why I am so obsessed with making media art performances with dancers. I also participated as a dancer in some art projects and I truly treasure the experience.

A perfect representation of my capacity to dance: I am the person on the floor :)
(2020 | The Leaving Room, by Aly Rose)

On my transformation to a PNW girl

I grew up in a big city, but I am starting to appreciate the PNW lifestyle. If you give me a ride, I will jump on the hike with you.

I paddle-boarded the first time this year, and I have never been prouder of myself!

Proudly a member of the geese gang <3

I never know where my phone is

If I don’t text you back, 80% of the chance is that I don’t know where is my phone.

Don’t worry, I still love you very much.

This is me when I get your call ...

My curated playlist

If you like my playlist, I will like you unconditionally :) 


I created this playlist to advocate for diversity in music preference. I am bored with the music recommended to me by algorithms. Instead, I started collecting songs that I associate with, regardless of genre, language, or culture. Somehow, I feel at home when I listen to this playlist.


This is a collection of songs that energizes me with fierce emotions. Accompanied by coming-of-age anger, I hope you find some relief and a spark of creativity towards the end.